Ziarul Românesc is the leading media for Romanians in UK

Established in London in 2007, Ziarul Românesc is the only printed UK newspaper for Romanian and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for reliable reporting.

Publisher of Ziarul Românesc is My Own Media Ltd, UK branch of New European Media, the media network for migrants in Europe that dates back to 2000 (ITALY Stranieri in Italia, UNITED KINGDOM My Own Media, GERMANY New German Media, EUROPE Migreat). 

Editor-in-chief of Ziarul Românesc is Sorin Cehan, investigative journalist, with more than 20 years of experience in media for romanian communities abroad.

UK Editor of Ziarul Românesc is Mircea Maer, the face of Romanian media in the United Kingdom, fearlessly dedicated to the interests of his fellow citizens in the British Isles.

Ziarul Românesc is committed to safeguarding the interests of the Romanian community in the UK and in the Diaspora, by publishing breaking news, news from the community, news from Romanian, guides, information covering all issues that concerning and affect the lives of fellow Romanians abroad. 


Ziarul Românesc undertakes to uphold the highest standard of accuracy, by checking facts and sources (which as a rule are quoted), using more than one source except when this is impossible, making a clear and explicit distinction between primary sources and second-hand ones.

Anonymous sources

The legitimate protection of a source and professional secrecy are guaranteed, in compliance with the laws, by each of our journalists. The use of anonymous sources must never be due to the superficiality of the investigative work and the lack of commitment.


Ziarul Românesc  undertakes to correct errors or inaccuracies contained in its articles as quickly as possible. Requests for clarification can be sent to [email protected]

Journalists Code of conduct

Ziarul Românesc journalists and collaborators agree to comply with the NUJ code of conduct and its professional principals.